I`m back! and I thought it`s time to post something again.

I was thinking about my blog and me never updating it because of a lack of time and stuff I want to show or can`t show because I want to wait until my exams are over which is in september… sooo I decided to make little entries with also other information like interesting articles or photographers or websites etc..
and I will start right now with a website you probably all know xD

500 Photographers
It`s a weblog that posts 5 active photographers a week for 100 weeks. I think the site is very interesting because the photographers can be from any discipline within the photographic range and are all of a certain level of quality.
Absolutely worth checking out – you`ll always find someone you like 😉

For example I found Mike Piscitelli there and I really enjoy his style of photography.

Stay tuned 😉