Since over a week now – I kind of locked myself up in my room – retouching photos, reading and writing my seminar paper. I thought that writing a blogpost is a good reason to duck out of writing that damn paper for a few minutes.

My last post was about me being excited about our Brussels field trip and in fact it was an awesome trip! It was cold as hell and more than once I’ve been afraid that I’m going to freeze to death. Luckily I didn’t because missing all the conversations with so different artists would’ve been really sad!

The illumination in our shelter in Brussels.

On our day of arrival we explored our kind of creepy shelter (our room wasn’t creepy at all just a little bit small for eight people but it was fine), went food shopping and then we went for a drink.

The sign at our door.

The next day we visited the Etablissement d`en face and met Etienne there and talked about galleries and institutions (very interessting). After that we went on to Jana Euler – she’s a young painter from germany currently working and living in Brussels – she told us a lot about her work and workflow. Then we explored the city a little bit, ate and went for a drink again – this time at the café Kafka.

M. in our room. Photographers are always photographing I guess.

On the third day we first met Aglaia Konrad and then Beat Streuli, who are both artists working with photography – that was really interessting too, especially because they are both into photography but in so different ways. After that we visited an exhibition, which was (in my opinion) very boring/crappy and on our way back to our shelter we decided to leave early and travel back to germany. It was just too cold to really enjoy the city but the overall trip was great and Brussels is definitely worth a visit!

Stay tuned 😉

Dear Outsideworld,