E38-15 is a science fiction-story told with the combination of images and texts in a book.

Please note: This is just a selection of images from the archive and not the whole project.

// More information about the project //

Contentwise E38-15 is about a fictional vision of the future, in which mankind, as we know it, doesn’t exist anymore and new species inhabit this changed world. A team of scientists – grown up on an extraterrestrial colony – wants to know what happened to their former home planet – which fell into oblivion a long time ago. Their journey and discoveries are shown in this book.

// the book //

Stylistically E38-15 refers to diaries of polar expeditions, using scientific aesthetics, as well as emotional aspects of the diary style, hereby generating a higher level of credibility, authenticity and authority for the recipient.
Similar to science fiction, the work also wants to draw the attention of the recipient to current issues, like climate change, in order to provide easy access to such complex subjects.

In 2015 E38-15 was nominated for the »Dummy Award Shortlist« of the Fotobookfestival in Kassel and was therefore on display at several national and international exhibitions.

E38-15 – Tagebuch einer Expedition