The Quiet is a photographic-story about the daily life and work on board of a Russian research vessel during the MOSAiC expedition in the central Arctic. Please note: This is just a selection of pages from the book and not the whole project.

// How to get the book //

The Kickstarter campaign ( ) which was meant to help finance the (self-)publishing of The Quiet was – thanks to 183 amazing people – more than successfull and I am almost sold out! But you can still save yourself one of the last first edition copies of The Quiet – just drop me a short email (you can find my email address in the about section) or come by my exhibition in Bad Windsheim, Germany:

// More information about the project //

The Quiet tries to open up the exclusive world of polar research by giving a personal insight into everyday life and work on board the Russian research vessel Akademik Fedorov during the first part of the MOSAiC expedition in the central Arctic Ocean. The aim is to increasingly detach from the rightfully impressive, but sometimes overwhelming presentation of polar research and to show the diversity of the individual expedition participants. Only the interaction of many different characters with different abilities, tasks and life stories makes an expedition of this dimension possible.
To show this diversity and the quiet, more mundane moments in between of an incredible expedition like MOSAiC opens up the space for people to identify and empathize with the expedition participants on a human level and hopefully allow a new view on science in the polar regions. This project is part of my work as an ambassador for the MOSAiC School 2019 organized by APECS and my participation in the expedition was funded by the WMO WWRP project Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP).

The Quiet