Hey there,
as always – it’s been a while…
But I have great news: One week ago I moved to Tromsø, Norway. I will be there for one year to start my masters program in physics at UiT – the northernmost university in the world.
To keep you all updated I created an Instagram account where you can see crappy cellphone pictures of my daily life and travel and stuff. Better photos will hopefully follow soon.

Until now Tromsø is an awesome – nearly too good to be true – place to live. I got a forest right next to my housing and I can see mountains and the sea from my window.

What more could I ever wish for?

I also got super friendly flatmates (three of them being Norwegians, one French guy and a German girl) and I am also really really really looking forward to my classes. They start on Thursday. I am so excited and happy!

See you guys soon!