Hey guys!
There is so much going on in the moment!
I finished my new fashion project „orange“ (it’s just the working title) and now I have to do the layout. The shooting went pretty well and I’m glad that the whole concept worked out. Now I’m already planning a new fashion shoot – this time with a male model. I’m so excited! I want to keep it simple and I hope I’ll find the time to realize it next to my other projects. The other big thing I’m doing at the moment is „the festival project“, where I take portraits of the people visiting musicfestivals in germany. It’s all about masses and individuals. I’ve already been on „Rock in den Ruinen“ in Dortmund and this weekend I’m going to shoot at the „Ruhrpott Rodeo“ (excited!!!) and I also got some nice other accreditations like „Chiemsee Reggae Summer“, the „Schumannfest“ or „Vainstream Rockfest“ and and and…Wacken sadly didn’t want to cooperate with me 🙁 maybe next year because this whole thing is a longterm project.
Apropos next year – I’m currently preparing my semester abroad in norway – hopefully starting in january and I really really hope this works out!

Model is Micha 😉

Stay tuned 😉