Since I’m currently working on a video and due to that I am rather filming than photographing atm – I thought that I’m going to write about some (for me) very inspiring people.
Starting with Bill Viola!

Bill Violas art was introduced to me by one of my professors for the first time, when I had a hard time figuring out how to express what I wanted to say and how I was feeling. I saw one of his videos and it touched me in a very direct, simple and personal way. So I started to watch more of his videos and read about his work and found that it is mostly about universal human experiences like birth and death and he uses the filming to gain knowledge about the world and himself. He is influenced by both Eastern and Western art and he has a very interesting opinion of the balance of logic/science and emotion/intuition – that we experience art and the world as whole persons – so that knowledge has not only to do with intellectual activity, but is also the result of our sensual perception. There was one text where I thought he’s talking directly from my heart and I can just really really recommend his work.

If you want to know more about Bill Viola, visit his website: klick here.

Stay tuned 😉

Bill Viola