The Quiet

The Quiet is a photographic-story about the daily life and work on board of a Russian research vessel during the MOSAiC expedition in the central Arctic. Please note: This is just a selection of pages from the book and not the whole project. // How to […]


// the book // »Charon« is printed on sustainable and ecofriendly graspaper.In 2019 it was nominated for the »Dummy Award Shortlist« of the Fotobookfestival in Kassel and was therefore on display at several national and international exhibitions.

E38-15 – Tagebuch einer Expedition

E38-15 is a science fiction-story told with the combination of images and texts in a book. Please note: This is just a selection of images from the archive and not the whole project. // More information about the project // Contentwise E38-15 is about a fictional vision of […]


Model: Christian Bacher | Assistent: Stefan Feldkeller & Julian Paul


Model: Kathi E. NEVERMORE is a fashion editorial inspired by dark romanticism and the stories and poems of E.A.Poe.


Model: Angela Weber | MUA: Sarah Vogel | Assistent: Micha Kosslers


Model: Samira Ludorff | Assistent: Micha Kosslers